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Abdul Qadir Jilani Story and Quotes

Abdul Qadir Jilani Story and Quotes

Abdul Qadir Jilani Story Biography and Quotes:  The name and title of Barapir Abdul Quader Jilani-6 is known in the history text. His title is Muhiuddin. From the point of view of historians, it is known that Jilani was born in a place called Jhilan in the holy Iraq. Honestly, he is known to the people all over the world as Abu Muhammad Muhiuddin Abdul Quader Jilani, but in different parts of Dharadham he has been awarded various adjectives. In our region, he is usually known as Qutbul Aftab, Gaosul Azam and Bara Pir.

Abdul Qadir Jilani Story

Abdul Qadir Jilani Story

It is also known from the point of view of history that Gausul Azam Bara Pir Abdul Quader Jilani Rahmatullah is also called Qutb Rabbani by the people of some quarters. In some places he is awarded the title of Afzalul Aulia by Pir Dastegi. It is also known from the point of view of historians that in some places he is also known as Noor Yazdani. Thus he has many more adjectives. In the book Sawaneh Umri Hazrat Gausul Azam written by Mumir Lakh Nabi, many books have been written with reference to it. Once upon a time, Hazrat Abdul Quader Jilani, a true soldier of the spiritual world, the head of the Aulia clan, a soldier of truth, went out of the historic city of Baghdad for the purpose of travel. On the way, he saw a man lying on the side of the road, emaciated and weak. It is a matter of regret that a person is trying hard to get up but is falling due to weakness.

By the infinite mercy of Allah, the Lord of the worlds, the man suddenly looked at the radiant face of Hazrat Gaosul Azam, the great saint of Mahbubey Sebhani Sadhak Kule, and begged with supplication, Give new life. Hazrat Abdul Quader Jilani, may Allah have mercy on him, took pity on him and took him by the hand and lifted him up from the ground.

By the infinite mercy of Allah, the Lord of the worlds, the man suddenly looked at the radiant face of Hazrat Gaosul Azam, the great saint of Mahbubey Sebhani Sadhak Kule, and begged with supplication, Give new life. Hazrat Abdul Quader Jilani, may Allah have mercy on him, took pity on him and took him by the hand and lifted him up from the ground.

When Gaussul Azam Abdul Quader Jilani Rahmatullah from Barapir came to Baghdad and entered the mosque, as soon as he saw him, a person suddenly said, ‘Assalamu Alaikum Ya Muhiuddin.’ From then on, if anyone saw him, he would address him as Muhiuddin. It is also known from the history lesson that when the prayers were over from Barapir Sahib Mosque, the whole mosque was abuzz with the chanting of the title of Mohiuddin. Honestly, he gradually became known to everyone on the path of Muhiuddin. Historians and Islamic scholars say that no one knew his most popular title before.

From the point of view of genealogy and history, we see that Hazrat Abdul Quader Jilani Rahmatullah, the true sage of the spiritual world, was related to the Sayyid dynasty from both father and mother. According to the historians, the name of Mr. Parpir’s father is Hazrat Syed Abu Saleh Musa Jangi Dost. Dear reader, the question may arise in the latent heart of the reader as to why there was a reason for awarding the nickname ‘Jangi-Dost’ at the end of the name. Islamic scholars say he loved participating in religious jihad. His mother’s name was Fatema. His kuniyat was Ummul Khair. He was the khasbanda of Allah Rambul Alamin, the ruler of the world.

Reviewing the history, we see that she was the most beloved daughter of a Sufi saint, the best Buzurg Laik-Abdullah Chaomang. History testifies that the brightest star of the Awliya world, Tariqat, Haqiqat, and the higher lineage of Hazrat Barapir Sahib, the father of Muhammadiyah Dishari in Shariat, is with Hazrat Imam Hasan Raziallahu Anhu, the head of Sayyid Kul. And Hazrat Imam Husain was the glory of the Sayyid clan of the mother’s highest lineage, for this reason he was called Alhasani wal ‘Husaini. |

Pitrbansah Rouhani the solid prajnadata Sufi saint Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani Rahmatullah bin saieyyeda Abu bark Musa fighter-mate Rahmatullah ibn Sayyid Abu Abdullah alajibilli Rahmatullah bin Syed Yahya yaheda Rahmatullah bin Sayyid maehammada Rahmatullah bin Sayed Daud Rahmatullah bin Abdullah II Rahmatullah bin Sayyid musalajuna Rahmatullah bin Sayyid Dawood Rahmatullah Abdullah and Mahas Rahmatullah Ibn Sayyid Hasanul Musanna Rahmatullah Ibn Amir al-Mu’minin Hazrat Ali Ibn Abu Tale Karramallahu Wazhahu, that is, the eleventh son of the emperor of the Belayet world, the saint saint Hazrat Barapir.

Family? Gaosula Azam Hazrat barapira Mr. Rahmatullah’s mother Hazrat saiyyeda Mother Khair Amtul jabadara Fatimah bint Abu Sayyid Abdullah chamada yaheda Rahmatullah ibn Sayyid Abu-Jamal Rahmatullah bin Sayyid maehammada Rahmatullah bin Sayyid Muhammad Rahmatullah Ibn Sayyid Abul Ata Ibn Sayyid kamaluddina Jesus Rahmatullah ibn Sayyid Abu Alauddin maehammadula jauyada Rahmatullah Ibn Sayyid Musa al-Qasim ibn Sayyid Rahmatullah aliurareya Rahmatullah bin saiyyeduna Imam Jafar as-Sadiq Imam Rahmatullah bin saiyyeduna Zaker Rahmatullah Abidin bin saiyyedena yainula Rahmatullah Commander of the Faithful, Hazrat Hussein Ibn saiyyeduna rajiyallahu saiyyeduna Allah ibn Ali kararamallahu oyajahahura the eighteenth through the janyagrahana. Historians say that in terms of both the above genealogies, he is Hasani and Husseini Sayyid. 

Abdul Qadir Jilani Story and Quotes in bangla

What is Spirituality meaning and Definition

What is Spirituality meaning and Definition

What is Spirituality meaning: Spirituality is the perceptual knowledge that has to be perceived by the heart. Every thing or action has two aspects, one is external or gross and the other is internal or subtle. By gross knowledge, we can understand many external things. But subtle things cannot be realized with gross knowledge. Subtle things have to be grasped with subtle knowledge. And subtle knowledge is needed to realize Spirituality.

In other words, every thing or action has a main goal or significance. Spirituality is the knowledge of the significance of a subject which is to be understood by the power of subtle perception.

So, Spirituality is subtle knowledge, perceptual knowledge. It is not a matter of explaining with description, it is a matter of realizing with the heart. More

Spiritual Awakening Stages and Symptoms

Spiritual Awakening Stages and Symptoms

Spiritual Awakening Process, spiritual awakening stages, and symptoms: Spirituality is hidden in each of us naturally. Because each of us originates from spirit (Paramatma). And the root of spirituality is spirit (Paramatma). But spirituality is not manifested in everyone. Those whose minds are in a close position as much quantity as to the spirit (Paramatma), spirituality awaken that’s the quantity. But the sad thing is that very few people in the world have a sense of nearness to the spirit. And those who are in or around have very little feeling. Because human thought does not want to go to spirit (Paramatman). People do not want to think spirit’s thoughts. People do not want to think where is the root? Where did he come from? So people have become detached from their original spirit (Paramatman). As a result, spirituality is not awakened in their minds.

In short, as much as who is connected with the spirit (Paramatma) or the origin of creation, he has that quantity of spirituality. And we do not have a spiritual awakening because we have no connection with the spirit (Paramatman) or the origin of creation.

Spiritual Awakening Process

And some people in a very small form, knowledge or spirituality is awakened. Again someone is a little more awake. But in the final stage, it is awakened only among the great men. And great men are very rare in this world. However, as much as knowledge or spirituality is awakened Among those, he has to nurture it and gradually increase his spirituality. Because awakening to spirituality is not a normal thing. It has to be in the mind by nature. And it is not possible to awaken it if it is not by nature in the mind.

Spiritual Awakening Process and high-level spiritual people.

The above words do not apply to everyone. This only applies to high-level spiritual people. Because the feeling of reaching the final stage of spirituality cannot be expressed in words. It is not even possible to describe it. Only those who have reached that level will understand it. For this reason, the great spiritual man Jalal Uddin Rumi (Rah) said, if the sun comes to the earth, the earth will not be able to tolerate it. Then the earth burns, it will be completely destroyed. In that way, if a high level of spirituality suddenly appears in the human heart, then people will not be able to bear it. People’s hearts will burn and be destroyed.

I say the above because we get a little bit of a sense of spirituality and think that this is the maturity of spirituality. No, not at all. It is just a touch of spirituality. As I said before, full spirituality is not a normal thing. In the holy book Gita, it is said that “It is a rare birth to be born in a saintly family”. That is to say, being in contact with a spiritual great man is a matter of rare or absolute good fortune. Then think about how rare it is to attain full spirituality?

But there is nothing to be disappointed in. Even if spirituality is not awakened in our hearts, we should try again and again. Because trying to awaken is also a matter of absolute good fortune. How many people are in the world trying to awaken spirituality?

Spiritual Awakening Process:

1. Positive Thought:

People are action-oriented. People have to live by action. But at the root of action is the thought consciousness or the feeling of the mind. At the root of every human action should be positive thinking. Let people think honestly all the time. People should always devote themselves to charity without thinking about their own interests. No action or thought of man should be for his own interest.

People should stay away from evil thoughts. Because every single thought of the human mind lives to accumulate in the mind layer by layer. And only if the amount of positive thoughts accumulated in the layers is more, then only in the human mind does spirituality begin to awaken.

2. Meditation:

Meditation is one of the most powerful methods for spiritual awakening. The biographies of all the great men who have come to earth from the beginning of creation to the present day show that they have all meditated at some point in their lives.

 For example, the preacher of Islam, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH)   has been meditating in the cave of Mount Hera for 15  consecutive years. Gautama Buddha, the preacher of Buddhism, has been meditating all his life. In the Gita of Hinduism, the highest importance has been given to the practice of meditation.

All in all, meditation is the most reliable method of awakening spirituality. It is through meditation that man can bring about spiritual awakening within himself.

3. Immersing oneself in nature:

Living life in such a way that there is no desire in life. Everything seems to be the will of nature. It is as if we are chosen by the will of nature. My house, my car, these are like nothing to me.

I don’t have much fascination with these. I have nothing for myself. It’s as if I’ve been here for a few days. In this way, one has to surrender oneself to nature. In this way one has to surrender one’s desires to nature, then spirituality will be gradually awakened in the mind.

4. Following the breath:

From birth, we have been constantly breathing in the unconsciousness of the mind. This exchange of breaths happens to us knowingly or unknowingly. Breathing is related to the state of mind. And there is a relation of spirituality with the state of mind. And whenever you follow your breath, the mind will start to refrain from thinking about other things.

Then the mind will be self-centered. In this way, if the mind is made self-centered from external thoughts. Then spirituality will gradually begin to awaken. The question may come when will you do it? You can do this at any time of the day. The more you do, the better. If you can, you can do it all day. Because it does not interfere with the work.


 5. Guru Meditation

Guru Meditation is another part of spiritual awakening process. This method is very popular in Asia. Especially in India, its prevalence is the highest. Khwaja Moinuddin Chishti, Bu Alisha Shah Kalandar, Amir Khasru, Nizamuddin Aulia all ascended to the highest peak of spirituality through guru meditation. Again, in the Middle East and all the great men who reached the highest peak of spirituality, also reached the highest peak through this method. Abdul Quader Jilani, Jalal Uddin Rumi, Imam Ghazzali are among them. In writing Lalon Sai of Bangladesh, the idea of ​​Guru meditation has come to the fore.


1. Alone

Choosing to be alone is a sign of awakening to spirituality. Spiritual person love to be alone. Whenever you feel like being alone you will think it is a very good sign. The more spirituality you have, the stronger your desire to be alone.

2. Feeling prone

Another sign of awakening to spirituality is feeling prone. Spiritual person are very prone to feelings. Whenever your mind and body begin to feel prone, you will feel that it is part of spirituality.

Dr: Shahinur Ahmed Chowdhury (Shahin Shah) – Spiritual Person.
Types of Buddhist Meditation-Buddhist Meditation Techniques

Types of Buddhist Meditation-Buddhist Meditation Techniques

Types of Buddhist Meditation:

Samantha meditation: Samantha(mindfulness) is a well-known meditation that is practice by Buddhists. It is mainly focused on improving calmness, clarity, and equanimity. It is also known as a calming meditation. If you practice that meditation it leads to a deeper concentration. Buddhist meditation cultivates calmness, clarity, and equanimity. If you cultivate this quality, it can ultimately lead to deep inner peace. When you combined it with awareness practices, it can lead to the deepest insights and spiritual awakening. The initial stages of mindfulness meditation can be practice by anyone. Samantha meditation(Buddhist Meditation) allows Buddhists to let go of desire and therefore achieves Nibbana.

Types of Buddhist Meditation

Vipassana meditation: This meditation’s other name is insight meditation. When Buddhists meditate, they believe that they can see things as they really are. This allows them to gain realization. It helps to understand the impermanence of things and the nature of reality.

Types of Buddhist Meditation

What is Mindfulness Meditation? How does this Meditation?

What Types of Buddhist Meditation is?

What is Mindfulness Training? What is Mindfulness Meditation?

What is Mindfulness Training? What is Mindfulness Meditation?

What is Mindfulness Meditation?

What is Mindfulness Training: Mental training practice with a positive mind is called mindfulness meditation. It teaches how to slow down racing thoughts, how to go off negative and we can also learn from it how to calm both our mind and body. The practice of mindfulness combines meditation. It combines meditation. For this reason, we can be defined it as a mental state. Mindfulness meditation is that kind of meditation in which in this moment we can focus on being intensely aware of what we are feeling and sensing and it need not any interpretation or judgment.

There are different techniques of mindfulness meditation. But in general, it involves deep breathing and it also involves awareness of mind and body. Practicing mindfulness meditation requires preparation but it is no mandatory. If you prefer ceremonially for mindfulness meditation by arranging candles and mantras then your mind will feel smooth by preparation of mindfulness meditation. But you do no need preparation unless you enjoy them. Get started with mindfulness meditation to sit in a comfortable place you need. Three to five minutes of free time and a judgment-free mindset you need.

How does this Meditation or Training?

Comfortable Place: You need a very quiet and comfortable place. You can sit in a chair or you can sit on the floor. your head, neck, and back will be straight. But you do not be stiff. your body will be very smooth and normal. You can also wear comfortable and loose cloth so that you can feel free and easy.

What is Mindfulness Meditation?

Consider a Timer: You can begin with a short, 5-minute session. Then you can increase that session by 10 minutes. After that, you can increase it by 15 or 20 minutes until you are compostable for 30 minutes at a time. It is best if someone can do a long time meditating at a time.

What is Mindfulness Meditation?

Control your breathing: Follow your breath. Attuning to the season of air moving in. And then out of your body as you breathe. Fill your belly by the air and feel your belly rise as the air enters your nostrils. Then feel your belly fall as the air leave your nostrils.

What is Mindfulness Meditation?

Control Your Thoughts: Control your negative thought. Even if you should control your positive thought. Set your mind to stay without any thought. It is very hard to control your thought but by practicing again and again you can do control them. Control your thought can give very effective results for Mindfulness Meditation.

What is Mindfulness Meditation?

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