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Types of Buddhist Meditation:

Samantha meditation: Samantha(mindfulness) is a well-known meditation that is practice by Buddhists. It is mainly focused on improving calmness, clarity, and equanimity. It is also known as a calming meditation. If you practice that meditation it leads to a deeper concentration. Buddhist meditation cultivates calmness, clarity, and equanimity. If you cultivate this quality, it can ultimately lead to deep inner peace. When you combined it with awareness practices, it can lead to the deepest insights and spiritual awakening. The initial stages of mindfulness meditation can be practice by anyone. Samantha meditation(Buddhist Meditation) allows Buddhists to let go of desire and therefore achieves Nibbana.

Types of Buddhist Meditation

Vipassana meditation: This meditation’s other name is insight meditation. When Buddhists meditate, they believe that they can see things as they really are. This allows them to gain realization. It helps to understand the impermanence of things and the nature of reality.

Types of Buddhist Meditation

What is Mindfulness Meditation? How does this Meditation?

What Types of Buddhist Meditation is?