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Introduction of Sheikh Fariduddin Attar Rahmatullah: The real name of Hazrat Sheikh Fariduddin Attar Rahmatullah is Muhammad bin Abubakar Ibrahim. Fariduddin is his nickname. He used to pursue poetry under the pseudonym ‘Attar’. At one time he was known as Fariduddin Attar in the Muslim world as he traded in perfume.

He was born in the year 513 AH. However, there is disagreement among historians about the year and date. He was born in the famous Nishapur of Central Asia. Historians generally agree on his death. He was killed by a Tatar during Genghis Khan’s invasion of Baghdad. After completing his education in his childhood and adolescence, he became involved in the drug business.

An incident during this period radically changed his lifestyle. One day a busy beggar came to his shop and prayed in the shop. The beggar demanded a second begging to draw his attention to the fact that he did not respond due to his busy schedule. But even that did not work. Disappointed, the beggar said, ‘You are so reluctant to spend a little money.’ I don’t know what you do about giving your dear life. Fariduddin heard the beggar’s words this time. Annoyed, he said, ‘As you give your life, so will I?’ The beggar said, the way I give, you will give the same way? Let’s see, he immediately lay down on the ground with his shoulder bag under his head and started reciting Kalama Tayyiba, La-Ilaha Illallahu again and again. And in that condition, he died.

Sheikh Fariduddin Attar

Fariduddin Attar Rahmatullah was shocked by the suddenness of the incident. After the burial of the beggar, he became disillusioned with the family by distributing all the belongings of his business among the people. There is a lot of change in his mind. In search of peace of mind, he appeared at the court of Hazrat Ruknuddin Afaq Rahmatullah. From him, he learned the lessons of spiritual knowledge. Later he went to Mecca for Hajj and devoted himself to the teachings of Tariqat. Eventually, he was initiated into Hazrat Azduddin Baghdadi Rahmatullah. And after staying there for some time, he became endowed with high theoretical knowledge.

Here is what is known about his death – Tatar bandits attacked Nishapur and carried out free plunder and slaughter there. Hazrat Fariduddin was also attacked by them. When a Tatari was about to kill him, someone said, ‘Don’t kill this saint, take ten thousand seals from me instead.’ Fariduddin immediately said that he would not sell me for only ten thousand money. My sin is much greater than that. The assassin became tempted. In order to get more money, he took her on his way.

After going some distance, another man saw him in captivity and said to Tatari, ‘Give me the Prophet without killing him.’ I’m giving you a bale straw. This time Fariduddin said, yes, give it. My price is less than that. Tatari understood that the joke was being made. In a fit of anger, he immediately tore him in two. ‘In this way, the bandits remained forever tarnished in the history of mankind.

In the famous Musnabi Sharif, the world-renowned mystic poet Allama Hazrat Jalaluddin Rumi Rahmatullah has shown immense respect and esteem to Sheikh Attar. He even compiled a poem in Musnabi Sharif.

Some say that the number of verses and prose written by Sheikh Fariduddin Attar is one hundred and fourteen – the same number as the surahs of the Qur’an. In this regard, Ghazi Nurullah Shastri Himatullah also expressed a similar opinion in his book Majalessul Muminin. His most notable books are Taykiratul Aulia, Mantikatatayir, Musbitatnama, Asrarnama, Taisirnama, Ilahinama, Pendenama, Asiyat, Diwan, Sharhul Kalb, Khushrugael. These books are still widely admired around the world. Their popularity is unimaginable. Many writers have used the name of Sheikh Fariduddin Rahmatullah instead of his own name for increasing sales of books, which is also a fancy incident. Duplicate. One of Sheikh Fariduddin Rahmatullah’s books is Lisanul Haqiqat – which is still preserved in the British Museum in London.

“What he has written in the preface of the book Taykiratul Auliya, his characteristic features and personality can be easily understood. He was a shining reflection of humility and modesty. He considered himself extremely poor, inferior, and inferior. And because of the differences, he has been and will always be in the minds of people as a theorist and God-lover.

The content and style of writing of his books are also fancy. First of all, praise and serenity of Allah and His beloved Messenger have been uttered. Rashedin’s fame and reputation came next. Then the real speech started. But the posture is completely different. The heroes of the story are presented in the form of birds. For example, Hudhud,  parrot, chicken, Pigeons, Shana, Bulbul, Baz, etc.

The story has been told about birds. For example, the mentioned bird met in a meeting one day and expressed its desire to choose a king from among themselves. The Hudhud bird was the first to propose the name of Chi chicken for the post. But no one agreed to his proposal. Who cares, they said openly. And Hudhud listened to everyone’s speech with deep attention. Then, one by one, everyone refuted. Then they unanimously chose Hee Chi chicken as their king. The author then presents the issues related to his work in a question-and-answer manner. In this book, he deals with the issues that usually arise in the minds of the Tariqatists. One such book is ‘Manatikut Tayir’. The name of the book has been chosen from Surah Namal of the Holy Quran. The Quran mentions the Hudhud bird. Hudhud, the favorite bird of Prophet Solomon (peace be upon him). Understandably, the Hudhud bird in intelligence is the bird vein. And Hazrat Fariduddin Attar Rahmatullah has also portrayed Hudhud as an intelligent bird in his writings. Not a bird, as if speaking as a theorist. To read Jalaluddin Rumi click here

He also surpassed many contemporary poets in composing poetry. Which can be called unique. Some disagree with him on the question of religious views. But his life and literature were completely free from doubt and full of beautiful theories. Regarding the composition of this book, Hazrat Fariduddin Attar, after praising Allah Pak and then the Holy Prophet, wrote about the writings of Taykiratul Auliya, after the Holy Quran and Hadith Sharif, the words of the saints are the most dignified. Because those are radiant in the abundance of God’s love, I think they are universally obeyed because worldly filth does not touch them. Some of the saints are spiritually knowledgeable, some are God-loving. No one is just a monotheist. Again, maybe all the features exist in someone. Some may or may not have common low-level qualities.

Jai Hayek mentioned a few reasons behind composing the story of these great lovers. As such, he thinks, the work will be personally memorable to him. If the reader’s knowledge increases by reading these, then good luck to his author. And his grave may be wide. He thinks that it can also be a means of salvation.

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