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Part of Fortune Symbol: Description of various signs and symptoms of the male race. Just as the signs and symptoms of women are judged, there are also signs in the body of the male race that can tell whether their happiness or sorrow or their fate will be improved or their life will be degraded.

Many people today may not believe in these signs. But gradually real-life experiences happen and they are forced to believe all this.

Men or women may be born into a very high class — but they are fortunate according to the different signs of their body.

সুখ দুঃখ

So even if they are born in the house of a millionaire, how many people – those who have all kinds of bad omens – gradually run out of money and suffer endlessly in life.

Again, maybe a lake is born in a very poor or middle-class house, he can earn crores of rupees through his own efforts, efforts, fortune, wealth, that is, he can establish himself as the best lake in the society.

So if a man goes to look for a pot for his daughter’s wedding, it is not only necessary to judge by his lineage or appearance, it is also necessary to see whether the various marks of the male race are present in his body.

We know that there were thousands of people at home and abroad who became the best people in the world despite being extremely poor.

Shakespeare was the coachman of the horse-drawn carriage, Stalin was the son of a blacksmith, Hitler was the son of a shoemaker, Mopasa was the son of a prostitute. In our country too, Sarat Chandra, Alamahon Das, Sir Jamesji Tata, the poet Dwijendralal Roy, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, etc., were born in the house of a very poor man.

So people must be believers in the change of fortune or happiness. There is more in our scriptures:

Even the gods cannot know or say what is in the destiny of a man. Therefore, it is admitted that the signs of happiness-sorrow-good fortune, etc., start well in this regard.

Mahadev’s description of the fate and happiness and sorrow of the male race is being told one by one.

The one whose voice, intellect and navel are deep will be known as happy and auspicious. In other words, the tone of his throat is very heavy, his intellect is very slow and he does not do any work without thinking back and forth very well, and his navel hole is very deep.

Apart from this, he whose chest, head and forehead are wide is also described as a lucky man.

Then some other symptoms have been described.

A man whose waist is huge (whose waist and buttocks are quite wide) has many sons.

The man whose arm is long (often described as the best man in the arms of the ajanulambi), he can spend the day in absolute peace and joy after being the best of men and happiness.

The man whose chest is huge — that is, the man whose chest is quite wide becomes rich. His fortune can be seen well in all worldly matters.

The man whose veins are huge (i.e. whose head is big), worships Narla everywhere. These men are revered everywhere for their greatness and for the glory of their fame, and everyone pays homage to them for their virtues.

Then some more signs of masculinity are being described. These are all signs.

There is no doubt that a man who does not work hard, but whose hands are hard and stiff, whose legs are soft in many ways, and whose palms are red, will be happy.

Blessed is the man whose penis is thick. The man whose penis is long or too long suffers, the man whose penis is injured but emaciated is fortunate.

Part of Fortune Symbol

Part of Fortune Symbol