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Intercourse during the 1st day to 5th day of the period Judging by the rules and day counts during the Period: Mahadev said, ‘I told you a lot about the first period. This time I am describing the rules of the season and the different names of women on different days after the season, listen with the mind. That is, how to deal with women for three days after the season and women stay that three days like whose? Listen to that.

2On the day when a woman first menstruates, her name is Chandalini.

On the 2nd day during the period, the woman is a great sinner.

On the third day, it is like Nastasvarupa and on the fourth day, it is like Tapasvini.

If a woman bathes on the fourth day after menstruation, then she becomes pure.

Therefore, it is forbidden for a woman to bathe for three days after menstruation.

On the fourth day, you have to take a bath.

Do not touch the woman on the first day after menstruation. If you have sex on that day, of course, the longevity is reduced.

If sexual intercourse is performed on the second day, then the man has to commit a great sin by touching the great sinner.

The woman must be abandoned on the third day that is If a woman is touched on that day, she commits prostitution, and That man also has to commit the sin of prostitution.

On the fourth day, if the woman is pure after bathing, will touch him.

But even on the fourth day, in the first watch, he remains inaccessible. In it by sexual intercourse vital energy is lost. But if you have sexual intercourse the next morning, In that womb is that son becomes absolutely pious.

‘O Parvati, in this way I have explained to you in detail everything you want to hear. I hope you all remember. Now tell me what else you want to hear, I must, undoubtedly, will narrate it to you.

If a girl is born in the womb if a woman has sexual intercourse on the 5th day of the period, undoubtedly, then, the girl may be immoral. Read more