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বাংলায় পড়তে এখানে ক্লিক করুন Execution Of Husain Ib Mansur Al Hallaj: Hazrat Hussain Mansoor Hallaj Rahmatullah was a wonderful man in the spiritual world. Just as his erudition and eloquence were extraordinary, His spiritual consciousness was also immense. He is the author of many books. But the mystery of the subject matter was incomprehensible. There is no such thing as worship. His love for God was unmatched. He was always restless in the love of Allah. God forbid he was burnt day and night. And because of this, he has suffered a lot in life. In the end, he sacrificed his precious life. In the hands of man for the sake of Allah.

mansoor hallaj

People were annoyed with his actions. Sufi saints also objected to many of his works. They protested all that. Unable to grasp the meaning of his movements and speech, they would say that he had no control over Tasawwuf. However, Hazrat Abdullah Khafeef Rahmatullah, Hazrat Shibli Rahmatullah, Hazrat Abul Qasim Nasrabadi Rahmatullah, Ibn Ata Rahmatullah, and other eminent ascetics considered him as a saint of high rank. Again, many have called him a disbeliever. Tortured him. Many said he was an Ittihad. He could not see any difference between creation and creator. Basically, this theory is not binding on the common man. Some in Baghdad claimed to be Hallaji or his followers and engaged in various misdeeds.

He once said ‘Anal Haq’. That is, I am Allah. This statement is the reason for the unspeakable oppression on him. But the present author, Hazrat Farid Uddin Attar Rahmatullah, said, “I find it very surprising that when Hazrat Musa (AS) saw the light of Allah on Mount Tur, from the tree Inni Anallah ‘Surely I am Allah’ heard the word .” It is said that this voice belonged to God Himself, not to the tree. In that case, when the word ‘Anal Haq’ comes out of the mouth of Hazrat Mansoor Hallaj Rahmatullah, why shouldn’t the word of his mouth be said to be the word of Allah? Hazrat Hussain Mansoor Hallaj’s (Rahmatullah) is not a word of mouth. Hazrat Farid Uddin Attar Rahmatullah also said that it can be said about him that in his speech Allah himself said the word “Anal Haq”. This speech is not Hazrat Hazrat Mansoor Hallaj Rahmatullah’s. He did not even claim to be God himself.

Hazrat Shaykh Farid Uddin Attar Rahmatullah said that there was a magician named Husain Mansoor in the city of Baghdad, some of whom confused Hallaj with him. The real facts are different. The magician was born in the city of Waset and Hazrat Mansoor Hallaj Rahmatullah lived in Baghdad. However, Hazrat Abdullah Khafeef said that Husain Mansoor Rahmatullah was wise in the knowledge of Allah. Hazrat Shibli Rahmatullah said, Hazrat Mansoor Hallaj Rahmatullah and I- we are both in the same situation. The difference is that people have destroyed him as a claimant of Allah, and have driven me away as crazy. The exact birthplace of Hazrat Mansoor Hallaj Rahmatullah is not known. However, his childhood and adolescence were spent in Baghdad. At the age of eighteen, he passed away in Totor. There he spent two years in contact with Hazrat Abdullah Tashtari Rahmatullah. Then Basra. Daoharka from Basra. There Hazrat Amr Ibn Osman came in the company of Makki Rahmatullah. And this is where he got married. To the daughter of Hazrat Yaqub Ata Rahmatullah. Then he went to the court of Hazrat Junaid Rahmatullah in Baghdad because of his quarrel with Hazrat Yaqub Rahmatullah. After spending some time here, he moved to Mecca. Spend a year there. He then returned to Baghdad with a group of Sufi saints. At this time he wanted to know the answer to a complex masala from Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi Rahmatullah. But Hazrat Junaid Rahmatullah did not answer his question and said, “You will soon be hanged.” Hazrat Mansoor Rahmatullah said, “On the day I will be hanged, you will also see ordinary clothes instead of this Sufi dress.”

Both predictions come true. Later, when the entire Alem community of the country issued a fatwa to kill him for his seemingly anti-Sharia activities, only Hazrat Junaid Rahmatullah-i did not sign the fatwa. Because, until then, he was a real Sufi. So it was not possible for him to agree to the decision to kill Hazrat Hallaj Rahmatullah. The caliph of the country said that if this fatwa against Mansoor Rahmatullah had to be proved correct, then the signature of Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi Rahmatullah was absolutely necessary. Hazrat Junaid Rahmatullah left the dress of the Sufi and went to the madrasa from the monastery. And there he signed the fatwa after wearing the dress of a public scholar. He wrote in his comment that Mansur deserves the death penalty in terms of public works. And fatwas are usually issued according to justice or system. The secret state is not all seen for people. Allah takes care of his li.

Hazrat Mansoor Hallaj Rahmatullah was so saddened that he did not get the answer to the question from Hazrat Junaid Rahmatullah so he and his wife went to Tashtar without telling him anything. The people of Tashtar welcomed him and he lived there with dignity for over a year. But it was not too late to disagree with them. It was against his nature to distract anyone. He did not pay much attention to the scholarly community in particular. He was persuaded by Hazrat Amr Ibn Osman Makki Rahmatullah. He was angry at her. He incited the people of Khorasan against him from Makkah. As a result, the shocked Hazrat Mansoor Hallaj Rahmatullah left his Sufi dress and joined the common people of the society in ordinary clothes. This is like an unknown abode. And thus cut five years. He sometimes visited Khorasan, sometimes Maurannahar, sometimes Nimraj, Sintan, Kerman, etc. Finally went to Persia. And here he wrote many valuable books. Moreover, with the advice of the people of Ahwaz, he gained their favor. His speech, his advice, everything was mysterious. For this, the local people named him Hallajul Asrar. Hallaj is an Arabic word that means cotton worker, That cotton washes. Once he points to the cotton piles, they are very nicely smoked. And since then he has been called Hallaj.

After hiding for five years, he returned to Basra. And again he wears a Sufi dress. After staying there for some time, he went to Mecca. But as soon as he appeared there, Hazrat Yaqub Naharjuri Rahmatullah called him a magician. He was forced to return to Basra. After spending a year there, he moved to Hindustan. From Hindustan, Khorasan, Maoraunnahar, etc. went to China. Then back to Mecca. Now spend two years there. Then, when he left Mecca, a great change took place in him. Then his speech became completely incomprehensible. Therefore, whenever he went to that country, he was humiliated and expelled from the people. At one time he endured so much suffering, pain, and oppression that no other saint-saint ever had to endure it. On to say that he was expelled from at least fifty countries because of his mysterious, incomprehensible words and behavior. However, when he traveled to different countries in the previous phase, people who were fascinated by his knowledge awarded him various honors and titles. The Indians called him Abul Mugis, the Chinese called him Abul Mu’in, the Khairas called him Abul Monir, the Persians called him Abu Abdullah Zahid, the people of Khujistan called him, the people of Hallajul Asrar, Baghdad and Basra called him Mugabe.

He used to offer four hundred rakats of Nafl prayers day and night. But he forced that nafl for himself. Everyone used to say, why does he need to suffer so much because of his high status? He used to say in his answer that suffering does not find a place in the minds of God-lovers. Because, in fact, they become dead people.

For twenty long years, he worshiped the same dress. Once people forced him to open it. It can be seen that there are innumerable lice inside it. Some of them weighed about three Rati. One of them saw a scorpion and went to kill it. He forbade. Said, it has been with him for about twelve years.

Hazrat Rusi Kherad Samarkandi has described his miraculous powers. Once Hazrat Mansoor Rahmatullah was crossing a huge desert with four hundred companions. The companions, hungry and thirsty, said to him, Now if I could eat roasted head (goat) and bread, I would be very satisfied. He lined them up, put his hands behind his back, and brought a head and a loaf of bread and gave it to someone. And in this manner, he fed the heads and bread of four hundred people. After a while, when his companions wanted to eat dates, he stood up straight and said to his companions, ‘Take me and shake me.’ As soon as they stirred, began to Fall down a lot of ripe dates. They ate dates with a lot of fun.

Once he was walking on a wild path. With many companions. They wanted to eat grapes. As soon as he raised his right hand, a handful of grapes came. And in this way, he raised his hands in the air several times and fed them grapes, and filled their stomachs. After a while, they want to eat pudding. And with miraculous power, he fulfilled their desire. One said that the pudding tasted exactly like Baghdad pudding. He said, “By the grace of God, the market and the forest of Baghdad are equal to me.” On that day, a pot filled with pudding suddenly disappeared from a pudding shop in Antakya Bazaar for Baghdad. When he arrived in Baghdad in droves, the shopkeeper saw the pot near one of the disciples and asked him, “Where did you find it?” The disciple told the story. And the pudding seller was surprised and took initiation from Hazrat Mansur Hallaj Rahmatullah.

Once on a pilgrimage, he was accompanied by four thousand pilgrims. He took them to Makkah and stood in front of the Kabah. He did not move for a whole year. He stood like this. The heat of the sun melted his body and he began to shed fat. The skin of the body was torn. But he did not move a hair. In this condition, a person used to bring him a loaf of bread and a jug of water every day. He would drink only a drop of water and a piece of bread and leave the rest. Hazrat Mansoor Hallaj Rahmatullah went to the field of Arafat and prayed to Allah, Lord, you are the guide of the misguided people. If I am indeed a disbeliever, then increase my disbelief. When people walked away from him, he would pray again, Lord! I do not worship anyone but you, acknowledging and believing in your oneness. And I can’t express my gratitude for your donation. Therefore, my request is that you, instead of me, reap the benefits of your blessings. For, it is not possible for any of your servants to fully realize the blessings you have bestowed. That can only happen by you. Hazrat Mansoor (RH) narrated an incident of Prophet Moses (AS) and said that Prophet Moses (AS) once asked Iblis why he did not prostrate to Prophet Adam (AS). Iblis said: He was a witness of Allah and a worshiper. So it did not seem proper to him to prostrate to anyone other than Allah. The Prophet Moses (AS) knew the value and importance of the sight of God. In response to his intense desire for the sight of God, God told Prophet Moses (AS) to look at the mountain. And you also look at the mountain with strong desire.

What is the definition of patience? In answer to this question, Hazrat Mansoor Rahmatullah said, “Patience is the name of not grieving and not being disturbed even if one’s limbs are cut off and crucified.” Hazrat Farid Uddin Attar Rahmatullah said, “Surprisingly, Hazrat Mansoor Hallaj Rahmatullah did not express much sorrow or regret over the incident of the death penalty.” Hazrat Shibli Rahmatullah went to kill Mansoor Hazrat Hallaj Rahmatullah. Hallaj Rahmatullah said I have a desire to do something serious that makes me almost mad. And I myself have called it death. Therefore, you will not kill me.

As mentioned earlier, his ‘anal hack’ increases the human race. He is asked, is not your claim to divinity kufr? He said that the true identity of Allah is that everything belongs to Him. And in your own words, he never perishes. But has Hussein Mansoor disappeared?

Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi Rahmatullah was asked whether the words of Hazrat Mansoor Rahmatullah could be interpreted differently. He said, and he did not try. Because time has passed. Now the Scholarly society and Khalifa himself have turned against him. He was also imprisoned for a year. His followers used to travel to him. He also gave them satisfactory answers. But now the people have been banned from traveling. A number of learned scholars sent two people to him saying that he would be released if he repented for the crime he had done by speech the Anal Haq. He replied he can’t. Hazrat Ata Rahmatullah also went to him. His proposal was similar. But he gave him the same answer.

It is said that when he was captured on the first night, he disappeared. On the second night, it was seen that he was not there and there was no jail. On the third night, however, he and the prisoner were also seen. Asked about the meaning of the incident, he said, “I went to the court of Allah on the first night.” Allah himself was present here on the second night. On the third night, the prisoner and I reappeared. Because God has sent me again to protect the provisions of the law. Now do your duty.

It is said that he used to offer one thousand rak’ats of nafl prayers daily in prison. He is asked, “When you declare yourself to be God, what is the purpose of this prayer?” He replied I know better about me.

There were three hundred prisoners in the jail at that time. He announced that he could release them. He was asked how it was possible. Because he himself is a prisoner. If he can not free himself first? Hazrat Mansoor Rahmatullah said I am a prisoner of Allah. And I follow the law. If not, I can break all the chains at the blink of an eye if I wish. Saying this, the finger gestures really broke the shackles of all the prisoners. The prisoners said, how can we berab now? The prison door is closed. He then made a few windows on the wall to signal. He said to the prisoners, Go, go.

They said: Will you not come?

He said I have a secret affair with the Lord. His solution will be crucified. The next day the guards saw that the jail was empty. There are no prisoners. They asked, where are the prisoners? “I let everyone go,” he said.

But why did you stay? He said. The owner regrets me. I’m waiting for him.

When the news reached the Calipha, he ordered that he be whipped and killed. Otherwise more disasters may occur. He was brought out of the prison as instructed and was whipped three hundred times. But even then, his anal Haq pronunciation did not stop. Rather, he began to do it louder. The man who was hitting said, “Listened by every blow, don’t be afraid of Mansoor.”

In spite of so many injuries, he is unmoved, unmoved. Then he was taken to be crucified. Nearly a million people flocked to see this tragic scene. He looked at the huge crowd and said, Haq, Haq, Anal Haq. At that time a saint came in front of him and said, what is the object of love? He said you will see it with your own eyes today. You will see it tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. That is, he will be killed on the first day. On the second day, his body will be cremated. On the third day, the ashes will be blown into the air. These are the signs of love.

When he is crucified, his servant comes and prays for his final advice. He said that everybody should be engaged in any honest work. Otherwise, the Six senses will engage in evil. His son came and wanted to hear something. He said everyone in the world is trying to do good deeds. You try to do something that is better than a single particle of people and jinn all over the world. That is a molecule of reality. Then he gladly went ahead to the Execution stage. What makes you so happy? Someone repaid him. He said, because, I am going to my goal. When will there be more joy than this? This time he muttered and began to recite: My friend has not done me any injustice. My Lord made me drink as much as a guest drinks holy and good wine. After drinking a few cups of wine, my friend warmly invited me to go ahead with the cup and the sword. And this is the proper punishment for the person who sits with the dragon in the summer and drinks old wine. He was taken to the bottom of the shawl (Execution stage). He kissed Shul. Then he put his foot on the stairs of the scepter and said, the meraj of the hero is the scepter. This time he turned to the Qibla and prayed in the court of God, Lord! I got what I wanted. When he was crucified, his disciples said, Sir! What do you think of those who treated you cruelly, and those of us who support you? He said, “Those who show me cruelty will be doubly virtuous.” And those who support me and spread the holy idea towards me will get only one reward. Because you are only passing good ideas on me. And they are driven by the power of monotheism and the strict provisions of the law. Remember, Tawheed is the real thing in Islam. And a good idea is just a branch of it.

Or he looked at a young woman in his youth. He remembered her words. And he said, after so long, his revenge was taken today. This time Hazrat Shibli Rahmatullah came and asked him about Tasawwuf or meditation. He said that what you have seen is the lower class of Tasawwuf. So which is higher? Shibli Rahmatullah asked. “It’s beyond your knowledge,” he said. This time they started throwing stones at him. Even Hazrat Shibli Rahmatullah threw a stone. And Hazrat Hallaj Rahmatullah cried out. People asked him, so many stones are being thrown, while you are indifferent. But why did you shout like that when Shibli Rahmatullah hit you a little? He said that those who are throwing stones are in the darkness of ignorance. But according to Hazrat Shibli Rahmatullah, a known person is throwing stones at me, can this grief be tolerated?

His hand was first cut off by being crucified. He remarked, “It is easy to cut off the hand of this lake, but who can cut the crown of glory that he is pulling from the throne with the invisible hand?” Then his leg was cut off. Still his humorous remarks; I have traveled the earth with these feet. And now this leg has been amputated. But I have the invisible foot, I will walk in Paradise with his help. If you have the power to cut off his legs! He took the blood of both hands and started rubbing it on his face. What are you doing Everyone tells him. “My body is bleeding a lot,” he said. So the face has turned white. They may think that my face has turned white due to understanding or fear. So I rubbed blood on my face and made it red. Then he started smearing blood on his hands. He said I am making ablution. He said, “There are two rak’ahs of Ashak prayer, which has to be performed by performing ablution with blood.” Then his eyes were plucked out. And not being able to see this scene, the people broke down in tears. Of course, some people were still throwing stones at him. This time when he was about to cut his tongue, he asked to stop for a while. Then he spread his eyes in the air and said, Lord! Don’t deprive them of your favor because they hurt me so much. Even though they cut off my hands and feet, they are all on your way. Even if they cut off my head, their purpose is only to gain your sight.

This time his nose and ears were cut off. Throwing stones at him did not stop then. His last words are: I am a lover of monotheism. The love of oneness is to know the same and not to give place to anyone else. Then he recited this verse; “Those who do not believe and disbelieve in the Hour (of Judgment) flee from it, while they know in their hearts that this is the inevitable truth. And those who believe (hearing the name on that terrible day) are afraid and refrain from evil deeds, they know the Hour to be true and believe in it with all their heart and soul. ‘

After saying this, his tongue was cut out. Then the day came to an end. start evening. This time the caliph’s order was to detach his head from his body. The assassins are ready to carry out this order. Suddenly Mansoor Hallaj Rahmatullah laughed out loud but the crowd woke up crying. And he was beheaded in that laughing cry. And immediately Anal Haque, Anal Haq began to pronounce every part of him. Then all the limbs were cut off and cut into pieces. All that was left was the neck and back. But Anal Haq Anal Haq was also heard from his broken limb. Every drop of blood on the body fell to the ground and Anal Haque began to speak. And so the night passed. On the second day, everyone was amazed to see that Anal Haque was being uttered with only one face before. Now it is being uttered in hundreds. The caliph’s followers were stunned. They burned his mutilated body to ashes. But the danger increased a thousand times. Anal Haq, Anal Haq started sounding from every ashes.

Understanding bad results, the caliph ordered that His body and ashes were thrown into the river Dajla. The bewildered administration did so. But the consequences are even more deadly. Suddenly the river Dajla overflowed with huge waves. And the rising waves of Anal Haq, Anal Haq hit the river bank with great speed. There was panic among the people. Maybe an angry river will engulf the city of Baghdad. Everyone was lost then.

Hazrat Mansur Hallaj Rahmatullah knew the future with that power. So he told one of his disciples that if his body of ashes fell into the Dajla, it would become very big. Then he should show his khirkati to the river. Then he will calm down. Suddenly the word came to mind of that disciple. He quickly grabbed his chin in front of the river. And immediately the river became calm. The ashes were deposited on the banks of the river. And they took it, and dug it, and buried it. The country and the nation were saved from a terrible catastrophe. Man has not witnessed such a catastrophe after the death of any other Saint. A famous scholar said, “Whenever the tragic scene of inhuman treatment of Hazrat Mansoor Hallaj Rahmatullah comes to mind, a question arises in my mind as to why he was treated like this.” And this question also revolves in the minds of those who treated him so cruelly, what will be their condition on the Day of Resurrection? Hazrat Abbas Tusi Rahmatullah said that he will be tied up in the field of resurrection on the Day of Resurrection, otherwise, there is a possibility of a tumultuous affair.

One of the saints said that on the night when Hazrat Mansoor Rahmatullah was crucified, he spent the night in Meditation under the crucifix till dawn. On the verge of death, he heard an invisible message. It said, “I revealed to Mansur the only secret of my secrets which he revealed to the public.” As a result, he had to suffer such severe consequences. This is the consequence of revealing a royal secret

Hazrat Shibli Rahmatullah said that after burying his body in ashes, he spent the whole night there in worship. He used to pray in the court of Allah. O Lord, Mansoor Hallaj Rahmatullah was a believing servant. He is a theorist, a lover, a monotheist. Yet you left him in such a difficult situation? His prayers were not over yet. Suddenly in his eyes in the name of sleep and he dreams, the resurrection is present. God declares that I have treated him in such a way that he would reveal my secrets to the people. The secret that should have been revealed on the Tigris River was revealed to the people. Hazrat Shibli Rahmatullah saw him again in a dream on the second night. And want to know his condition. He replied, “Allah has given him a place in the incomparable Paradise.” He also wants to know how God will deal with his supporters and opponents. He said, “Allah’s grace will be bestowed on both parties.” One group knew me very well and had a good idea of ​​me. The other party did not know, but they opposed me for the sake of Allah. Therefore, both parties are considered as the beloved and the recipients of God’s mercy.

One of the saints dreamed that Hazrat Mansoor Hallaj Rahmatullah was standing in the field of resurrection with a cup of wine in his hand. But the head is not attached to his body. When asked the reason for this, he said that those who have been beheaded on earth will be entitled to a cup of wine on the Day of Judgment.

Hazrat Shibli Rahmatullah said, ‘When Hazrat Mansoor Hallaj Rahmatullah was crucified, Iblis came in front of him and said, ‘I also said what you said.’ You say, Anal Haque, I used to say Anna Khairun (I am the best). But why is the grace of Allah upon you and the curse on me? Hazrat Hallaj Rahmatullah replied, ‘You said that out of egoism and voluntarily.’ And I said to Anal Haq that it is the will of Allah to give up my friendship completely. This is the cause of grace and curse. Knowing that arrogance is very strong and inferior in the court of Allah. On the other hand, giving up intimacy is a very dear and desirable deed to Allah. When asked about his opinion about Prophet Moses (AS), Hazrat Mansoor Hallaj Rahmatullah said that he was based on truth and justice in all circumstances. His statement about Pharaoh: He was also authentic. Because Allah has created two classes of people ‘Khas’ and ‘Aam’ (special and general). Both classes go their separate ways and Allah is the guide of both classes. He said:

1. Those who forget everything in this world and in the hereafter by engaging in the remembrance of Allah, attain nearness to Allah.

2. The Sufi person is alone because he knows nothing but Allah. Others may not know anything about him.

3. Seek Allah in the realm of faith.

4. wisdom is like an arrow. God is the archer. And his target is the universe.

5. The believer is the one who considers wealth to be corrupt and seeks satisfaction in the realm of dreams.

6. The best character is to be patient in the disaster of creation and to know Allah well.

7. It is morality to keep Amal free from dishonesty.

8. That is, the wisdom of the common man, the spiritual thought of the theologian, the enlightenment of the scholars, and the path of the previously liberated are all involved in the path of the same God from beginning to end.

9. the king is busy with the work of luxury, occupation of the kingdom, etc., in the same way, we are always busy in the hope of danger.

10. After crossing the stage of worship, people get freedom.

11. What is the long hand of prayer or worship? Answering this question, he said, no hand can reach the target. For, the hand of prayer can reach the limit of recognition. And the hand of worship reaches as far as the law. None of these are disliked by true slaves.

12. For whom the truth of God is revealed, it is done through a little work. On the other hand, to whom it is to be exposed, it never happens even in return for many honest deeds.

13. As long as one cannot be patient in the face of adversity, it will not be possible to attain the bounty of Allah.

Source: Tazkiratul Awliya